Friday, 24 September 2010

Was this the beginning?

The other day I was reading a book about Princess Diana and her affect on fashion; I discovered an interesting fact. In the 80's the Daily Mail ran an article on Princess Diana's fashion sense which they named 'Follow the leader'; in this article they included high street versions of one of the Diana's outfits and gave the average person a way to dress like her without spending a fortune. This made me wonder whether the articles that run in almost every fashion magazine nowadays to give you ways to dress like your favourite celebrity are inspired by this one article.

What do you think?
Why is it that we are all so obsesed with wanting to look like somebody else? Do we this this is going to enrich our lives or enhance our lives?

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Circles, Squares or Triangles.

First day of college very excited!!!
My new class and I were put into groups of three, this was quite scary as none of us had met before. We were told to create a garment on the mannequin out of just circles, squares or triangles, we were given paper to carry out this exercise.

My group had circles, we could use any size, we could fold them, we could basically do anything with them as long as they had originally been a circle...

We also had the male mannequin...

We decided that we were going to make a blazer style jacket...

With my second group we had squares and this time we had a female mannequin...

We decided to fold the squares diagonally and make triangles and sculpt them into a dress...

I left college that day pleased with what I had achieved and intergued as to what was to come.

Friday, 17 September 2010

The Beatles inspire Lady Gaga's meat dress??!!

While researching in to The Beatles for my Fashion work I found a claim that The Beatles had inspired Lady Gaga's meat dress that she attended the MTV Video Music Awards in.

On the cover of their 1966 album 'Yesterday and Today' the band are seen to be draped in joints of meat and decapitated baby dolls.

Whether it had been intentional or a complete coincidence you cant help but notice the resemblance between this album cover and Lady Gaga's dress.

Lady Gaga has been known to list The Beatles as one of her influences but whether this choice of dress had been inspired by the band or not i cant help but think that she isn't as unique as i first thought.