Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Extra Garment

As I finished my collection early I have been able to manufacture an extra garment.  So I designed another dress.

First I chose the dress block to create my patterns; I then made adaptations such as inserting panels and changing the neckline to create my patterns.

Due to the time constraints I am going straight into final fabric rather than toiling first.

I sewed the panels together.

I then attached the chiffon to the top.

I then fitted the dress to the mannequin as it didn't fit nicely.

 This is the dress so far and I haven't had any problems yet.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Creating My Orb Weaver Skirt

Today I spent the morning creating the waistband for my Orb Weaver Skirt.  I had no problems with this and I think that the use of interfacing on both pieces has helped to add to the strength which will help when holding the weight of the chains.

I then transferred the chains from my toile to the new waistband which I think is holding its structure better than the one that I did for my toile.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Few Finishing Touches

Today I spent the morning in college finishing a few small things that I needed to do.

First I attached the chains on the back of the shirt.  I decided to have more chains going horizontally than I did when creating my toile as I feel that it makes the garment look more intricate and delicate.

Then I inserted the zip into the funnelweb vest.  I had a feel problems with the feet as they weren't sewing as close as I wanted them to but I changed the foot and was able to get a better effect.

Finally I inserted the button holes and buttons to the cuffs of my Orb Weaver Shirt.  I had no problems with this and this is my Shirt finished (well as much as I can before fittings week).

Monday, 21 May 2012

10 Days To Go...

With 10 days to go until all my final garments need to be complete I have been finishing off someof some of the bits that I still need to do.

First I used the domestic overlocker to overlock the edges of the Funnelweb vest as the material frays very easily so this is the best option before I insert the bias binding.

Then I attached the chains to the funnelweb skirt.

Then I was able to re create the Orb Weaver shirt collar using light weight interfacing.  I am pleased with the result that this thinner interfacing has created and I am glad that I decided to use this instead of the medium weight.

After I had constructed the collar I attached it to the shirt but one problem I had was that the shirt was twisted before I attached it which meant that the garment wouldn't lie correctly.  To fix this I unpicked it and re-attached it correctly.

Finally I constructed the cuff and attached them.  I had no problems with this part of my garment.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

11 Days to go...

On Friday I completed a few small tasks for my collection which brings me a step closer to finishing.

The first task was to construct and insert the collar and cuffs.
I started by constructing the collar.

Then I attempted to insert it into the shirt.  This is where my problems began.  Because of the nature of the fabric the top layer of the collar stand had mis-shapen and therefore wouldn't fit.  Also I had used medium weight interfacing which had cheapened the look of the garment so I decided that I could restart the collar after buying light weight interfacing.

Next I constructed my funnel web vest in the champagne fabric. I used french seam due to the transparency of the fabric and I am really pleased with the effect.

I just need to insert the zip in the back to complete this garment before fittings week.

Then I inserted the waistband into my Funnelweb Skirt.  I wouldn't normally do this before fittings week but as I wanted to insert the zip before fittings I had to.

I am really pleased with this fit of this garment and I feel that it is very flattering to the figure.

Here is the whole outfit.  I was worried that the colours wouldn't look right together but after seeing them I was really pleased with them.

Next I started to experiment with the chains and I created the web effect that I wanted.  Now I just need to attach them to the loops.

Finally I inserted the zip into the orange funnelweb vest I had experienced a few problems with the tension of the machine but after changing machine I was able to insert the zip.  Here is the finished top, after fittings week I just need to insert the bias binding.