Monday, 7 May 2012

The Next Stages of my Black Widow Coat

On Friday I continued to manufacture my Black Widow Coat in final fabric.

I told you about a problem I was having when inserting my pocket.  Well I managed to solve it but paying close attention to the corners when sewing the seam.

I am really pleased with the finish of the pocket and I think that the extra time that I spent on this particular part was worth it as the finish is a lot better.

Next I constructed the top side of the collar and I am pleased with how the seam lines meet.

Next I had to insert the top stitching; I am really pleased with the effect that the orange has against the black and I feel that it adds a needed pop of colour to the garment.

When I was closing the sleeve one problem I had was that the seam lines didn't meet but after a few attempts I was able to get it right.

I am really pleased with this garment so far and I am excited to see the finished coat with the lining inserted.

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