Saturday, 31 March 2012

Toiling my Orb Weaver Shirt

Yesterday I spent the day constructing my Orb Weaver Shirt toile.

The first thing I did was to experiment with different button holes to decide on which I would like on mt final shirt.  I decided upon the rounded button hole as I thought that it was the one that had the nicest effect.

I then started to put together the button stand on the front of the shirt.  I realised that the interfacing was to large as I had added seam allowance that I didn't need to, to correct this I removed it from both the interfacing and the pattern.

I then constructed the button stand.

 After that I decided where I wanted the button holes and market this on both my patterns and one half of the shirt front.

I then inserted the button holes.

And attached the buttons.

I then started to construct the back shoulder pieces.

As the fabric is slightly see through I needed sample different ways that I could finish the edge.

The first way was with a tiny seam allowance.

One problem I had was that I put he small loops of ribbon right along the edge so when I sewed my seam allowance they were trapped in the seam.

To correct this moved the loops in more.

I then constructed the other side using a french seam.

I then attached the front to the back pieces using a french seam.

I constructed the seams using a french seam.

I then tried to attach the sleeves using a french seam.

I found this hard as the fabric kept getting tucks in it.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Finishing the Patterning for my Orb Weaver Shirt

Today I finished patterning my Orb Weaver Shirt Patterns

 I used the Shirt Sleeve Block and created my pattern by spreading the pattern slightly to add more ease.

I then created my shirt collar patterns.

And my Shirt Cuff pattern

I did experience any problems with this part of the process.

Finishing my Orb Weaver Shorts Toile

Today I have been finishing my Orb Weaver Shorts Toile.

I cut a piece of elastic to 38cm

I then looped the elastic and overlapped it by 3cm, then I secured the loop on the sewing machine.

After looking back at the way that I finished the leg holes I really wasn't pleased so I looked at different ways to finish this edge.  I then sampled cover stitching which I really liked and I decided that this would be the way that I would finish the garment.

I then adapted my patterns, I added an extra 0.5cm seam allowance to the leg holes and I extended the height of the waist to allow for the waist casing the elastic.

I then re-created my toile with these new finishes.

Here is the finished toile.  I am really pleased with the results and feel that the new finish makes the garment look a lot stronger and more professional.