Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Toileing my Funnelweb Vest

As I have to have one toile done for my hand in date tomorrow I decided that it would be sensible to put my coat to one side as it is taking longer than expected and complete a simple design that I had.  So I decided to toile my Funnelweb Vest.

The block that I have used is the Bodice Block.
 I created my front patterns by removing the waist dart, moving the shoulder dart into the armscye and adapting the neckline.

 I created the back patterns by removing the waist dart, and adapting the neckline.  I had no problems adapting these patterns.

 After cutting out these patterns I sewed together my toile.

 I then tucked the toile into the elastic waist marker to see what it would look like when it was tucked in.  I was pleased with the way that the top hung over the elastic but I wasn't pleased with the puckering around the neck.

 After talking to my tutor I realized that this was a very easy problem to solve.  I just had to pull it wider at the shoulders.

 Now that I could see where the neckline and shoulder seams lay I could change them so that they were where I wanted them to be.

 I then adapted my patterns.

 After creating my new patterns I was able to construct the vest again.

 I am now pleased with where it lies so I can move onto my facing.

 On my design I had originally decided upon using bias binding to finish the armholes but after looking at my toile I decided that a full facing would look best and create an elegant finish.

 I attached it at the neckline first.

 Then I attached the arm holes, this was quite fiddly but I managed to do it with no mistakes or problems.
 This is my finished toile, I am really pleased with the result and feel that when it is made in my final fabric it will look even better.

One mistake that I made when doing my toile was that I forgot to do french seams which are the seams that I will be using on my final garments.  Luckily I sampled this beforehand and I know that I can produce this type of seam so it wont be a problem on my final garment.

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