Friday, 2 March 2012

Toileing my Black Widow Coat

Today has been quite a busy day.  I have progressed well with my coat toile and can see what it is going to be like now.

After cutting out my pattern pieces I started to construct my coat as shown in the images below. 

 When I closed the underarm seam on my sleeve I noticed that the seams didn't quite match so this is something I will have to look out for when producing my final garment.

 After attaching my first sleeve I noticed that I had attached it to the wrong side (I could tell by the longer side being at the front) so I went back to my block and added the important notches that I had forgotten to make sure this didn't happen again.  I removed it and attached the sleeve again (this time on the right side).

After the main structure of my toile was complete I slightly fitted it on one side (Right side of the picture below) to give it a nicer and more flattering shape.  I then adapted my patterns and I plan to apply this to the other side aswell.

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