Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Black Widow Coat Toile - The Next Step

Today I have been continuing my Coat Toile.

The first thing that I did was make a few amendments to my patterns.  I removed the flat parts of the shoulder dart from 2 of the three panels and I will work on easing the rest of the dart out of the other.

I think that this will look a lot better than it does now as it will give a smoother, cleaner finish.

I also added the seam allowance that I forgot to add to my lining patterns (as I explained in the previous post)

 I then made the pattern for my pocket and marked the point where this will be inserted into the side seam.

I made up the pocket and inserted it into the side seam.

This was quite difficult as my coat was already constructed but it will be much easier when I am doing it for my final garment.

Finally I moved onto looking at my collar.  I have been struggling with this for a while as I couldn't get it to fit but after talking to my tutor I realised that I had to extend my original pattern by 1.5cm so that it was large enough to fit the collar of my coat.

I then constructed the under side of my collar.

I struggled to fit the collar stand to the collar; to make this possible I added notches so that I had guides.

As this collar now fits I can look at separating the top half of the collar into panels so that I can create the same effect as on the body of the coat.

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