Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Design for my Illustration Board

Another part of the latest brief that I have been posting about for ages now is to create an illustration board.  You may remember quite a while ago I did some research into different illustrators that research was to help when designing my design board.  Two illustrators that I have taken inspiration from are Christian David Moore and Camila Do Rosario, I have combined the styles of these two to create my own illustration.  I have kept the background plain and simple this is because I feel this adds to the Couture effect I am trying to create , and I have used soft pastel colour in my colour palette.  For the fabric part I have used the fabric I will be using for my side pieces.

This is my design.
 This part was inspired by Christian David Moore's work.
 This part was inspired by Camila Do Rosario's work.
I like how the fabric looks when it hits the table so I need to consider this when making my board.

I feel that this illustration shows my theme which is age through the use of the and the contrast of use of media.

What do you think?

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