Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Making the Adjustments

After finally finding my model I needed to make the adjustments to my dress so that it fits my models figure.  These adjustments were to the seams around the pin-tuck panels from the hips down as I need to let them out as much as I can.  Also I am now able to insert the straps and close the facing.

The first thing that I did was unpick the seams from the hips down and re-sew them graduating out from a 1.5cm seam allowance to a 0.5cm seam allowance.

After I had done this I finished inserting the facing and sewing in the straps.  Then I un-picked a few unwanted stitch lines that were visible from the outside.

When I Had finished these adjustments I think that the dress finally looks polished and tidy.  Now I just need to hem the bottom of the dress and hand stitch a few sections then the dress is finished.

What do you think?

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