Monday, 6 June 2011

Adding the Neck Piece and Straps

The next step in creating my dress which you have most probably read about by now was to attach the neck piece.  The first time that I tried this I found that the piece that I had cut was too short so I re-cut another piece and this time it fitted.
 After the neck piece was attached I could finally thread my straps through and arrange them how I did on my toile.

 After I had inserted the straps I noticed that the neck piece was slightly wonky and it started to bug me the more I looked at it so I decided to re-do it.
 First I pinned it in place ...
 Then I sewed it exactly where I wanted it.
This is the basic part of my dress finished as much as I can before fittings week so now I need to start thinking about the side pieces.

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