Monday, 13 June 2011

Fittings week!!

So, the event that I have been waiting for is just around the corner, the fashion show!!  But before I get too excited about the thought of the event and finally seeing my dress traveling down the catwalk I have one last hurdle to cross, fittings week!!

Well probably what I would describe as the most important week of this brief has finally arrived and it has been a slightly eventful first day of fittings week.  I went into college today not knowing whether I would be called in to fit today or Friday or any day in between, but to my luck I got the call into the fittings room this morning and started to think how lucky I am to get the chance this early in the week.  This luck was soon broken when the poor model was basically drowned in my dress it was that big on her, I guess she wont be my model then.  I thought my luck was back when I got a second opportunity to fit my dress to another model, but this time my dress was too small for the model.

Well I guess it wasn't meant to be, lets hope I have more luck in the next 4 days.

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