Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Trip to MMU

First of all I would just like to apologise for the number of pictures that are included on this post but I had to share them all with you as the work that we saw today was too good to narrow down.  Well today me and the rest of my college group visited Manchester Metropolitan University to see the graduates end of year exhibition, the work that was displayed included fashion work, textile design work, graphics work and much more.  This work was so stunning and elements of the construction, textures and the way that it was displayed  have all given me inspiration for future pieces.

Hope you find it as inspiring and beautiful as I did.

A few people mentioned the similarity of the cape part of this piece to my collar piece.

Here are the postcards that I collected they showed an image of a part of the artists work and their name.  These gave an extra element of their work as it made me feel like I was taking part of it home with me.


  1. ooo look i see my hand ;) all your pictures are lovely :) and i also see your hoard of postcards :P haha x

  2. Hi!I love your blog and I have a award for you in my blog!