Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Just a peek

I previously told you about preparing for the shoot that was going to take place with my stunning friend Charlotte, and today was the day so I just thought that I would share with you one of the amazing shots that Mike Sutton; who can be found at, took for me today.  

I feel that we all worked really well together and non of these shots would have been possible if we hadn't.  I can't thank Mike enough as not only has he taken the shots for me, he is editing them as well; I also owe Charlotte a big thank you for not only modeling my dress but doing anything and everything we asked her too.

I will post the rest of the photographs when I have them 

Hope you like it

As Promised

As I promised here are some close up photographs of my dress.

My dress backstage.

My dress on the catwalk.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Preparing for the Photoshoot

Well tomorrow I have a photo-shoot to get pictures of my final garment which I will be able to put in my portfolio.  You have most probably seen in previous posts that I have done photo-shoot's to get pictures for my portfolio before but this time its different, I am using an actual model instead of a mannequin, I am working with a stylist and I can be a bit more experimental with the pictures.

I asked one of my friends whether she would mind modeling for me, I didn't think she would as ever since we were little we said 'I would be the designer and she would be the model'.

I am excited at how the pictures will turn out and what effects the photographers can create.


On Monday one of the other students on my course brought in a cake as a surprise for the tutors, then she told me that she had been able to put all of our groups designs on the top.  I thought that this was a really good idea and was a good way to remember all the hard work that everybody has put in.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Vogue Competition

Well a while ago now I entered the Vogue Talent Competition and on Friday I received a letter from Vogue, I didn't make the shortlist but I feel that writing the entry has given me some experience that I have learnt from.

Its Friday ..

 So on Friday I turned up at the Lifestyle Centre slightly more prepared than on Thursday as I had experienced it the night before.  But before the show there was still a few things that needed to be done, we needed to iron the table cloths, set out the mannequins to hold the table numbers, polish the glasses, lay out the napkins, put out the food and wine and much more.  When all the jobs were done this is what the room and the tables looked like.

 Now for the show.

National diploma Year 1

My dress


National Diploma Year 2

Emily Davies

 Menolly Rushton

 Charlie Hartley

 Tabbi Neville

 Abi Bickerton

 Reigen Brown

 Rosie Astbury

 Allie Slack

 Grace Lartey

 Mandy Tudor

Foundation Degree Year 1

Tea Time

 Bohemian Drifter


Foundation Degree Year 2

Sehrish Sarwar

 Lisa Murphy

 Rachel Ward

 Laura Hunt

 Rosie Blay

 Jordan Rees

 Andrea White

 Claire Playford