Thursday, 26 January 2012

Independent Photographs

At the same time as the trousers in the previous post Mike Sutton also photographed the independent trousers that I made.  I think the photographs have turn out really well and I am soo pleased.  Here they are.

This is my favorite, I love it.
 Look at Mike's work at

Trousers Photos

I don't know if you remember but after the fashion show last year I had my dress photographed and edited amazingly by Mike Sutton whose work I can guarantee you will love  Well he has worked his magic once again and has photographed my trousers, here are the pictures.

This one is my favourite.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Trip to Manchester

On Saturday me and my sister took a trip to Manchester so that I could visit the Manchester museum as they home a collection of pinned butterflies.

When we arrived we looked all around the museum for these pinned butterflies and asked the staff but nobody seemed to know what we were talking about.  We eventually figured out that this was because we were in the wrong museum; here are a few things that we saw:

Then we finally arrived at the correct museum, here are some of the things we saw here: