Friday, 13 January 2012

Another Method of Pattern Cutting

In a previous post I compared two pattern cutting methods, flat patterning and modelling on the stand, well I now have another to add 'Cutting up a Toile'.  This is a method that I touched upon during the Japanese pattern cutting last year but I have used it to produce the independent trousers that I started early this year (I will post you the pictures soon).

This method is what I believe to be a mixture of the other two methods as you have to use the flat patterns to create the initial toile and then a slight variation on modeling on the stand to cut up the toile and create the design lines that you want to apply to it.  Then like with the modeling on the stand methods you go back and create your new patterns.

I have enjoyed using this method as it helps me to visualize my designs and make sure that I draw in my design lines in exactly the right place.

Have any of you tried this method?

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  1. i mostly do by pattern, then adjust for fit. i am excited to try this for my designs that arent completely finalized, it will probably improve the ability to draft and visualize the lines in 3dimensions. thank you!