Monday, 30 April 2012

Starting In My Final Fabric

Over the last few days I have started to work in my final fabric.  As I only had one of my fabrics I decided to cut out all the patterns for this fabric.

I then created the lining for my coat.

I then constructed the vest that I have now decided to put under my coat.

I also constructed the lining of my dress.

Finally I made my Funnelweb Skirt.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fixing My Orb Weaver Outfit

Previously I told you about my first major problem which I had with the Orb Waver Outfit here is how I fixed it...

I lowered the waistband.

I shaped the hem of the shirt.

 Here is my finished Orb Weaver Outfit.

One change I will be making for my final garment is to change the chains so that they match the ones I used on the skirt.

Finally I marked these changes on my patterns.

This is all my toile's done.  I am really pleased with them and I am looking forward to starting my final fabric.

Finishing my Orb Weaver Skirt.

You may remember awhile ago I told you about starting to toile my Orb Weaver skirt.

Well here it is finished (finally) after a lot of time, effort and one heart sinking moment (where it all got tangled).

I am really pleased with the result and feel that he chains have created a really nice effect.

Completing my Huntsman Dress Toile

Here are the final steps that I took to create my Huntsman dress.

First I marked where I will be attaching the loops of ribbon that the chains will attach to.

Then I constructed the lining.

I attached the loops of ribbon and attached the facing to the lining.

I then joined the lining at the side seams.

I then hemmed the lining, one thing that I will have to be careful of when doing this on my final garment is that the hem is rolled up exactly 1cm to stop the overhang above the stitching.

I then inserted the facing at the neckline.

Then the armholes.

One problem I had was that a small tuck appeared in the facing this is something I will need to be careful of when creating my final garment.

Even though there was no seam allowance along the centre back of the toile I inserted an invisible zip so that I could practice inserting it with a lining.

I inserted it like normal in the shell of the dress.

Then I attached the lining by attaching it down the centre of the zip tape.

One thing that I forgot on my toile that I will do on my final garment is a retainer row around the neckline.

I then hemmed the shell of the dress.

This is my dress with the lining inserted.

Next I attached the chains, one problem I had was that I attached the loops to the wrong side of the garment  so on my final toile the chains will be on the other side.

Here is my finished toile.

The lining finished about 1.5cm above the top of the rolled part of the hem so I extended my lining patterns by 1.5cm.

I am pleased with the finished toile and I think that the silhouette is very flattering and the lining creates a really nice finish.