Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Continuing With my Huntsman Dress

Today I have been continuing with the Huntsman Dress toile.

The first thing that I did was complete the patterns for the side inserts.

I then started to construct the toile.  I didn't experience any problems with this part of my toile.

As there was two different different methods that could use to insert the side pieces I decided that I would sample both these techniques on my toile.

For the first method I will be attaching the inserts to the surface of the dress along the seamlines of the curved panels so I will have to attach them first.

I am really pleased with the seamlines and feel that I have been able to insert the curved panels well.

I then decided that  wanted to lower the neckline.  So I marked of the new neckline and the seam allowance so I knew where to cut.

I also wanted to move the seamline at the front so that it met with the one at the back.

I then adapted my patterns to accommodate these new lines.

I then came across a problem, when I had patterned the dress I forgot to consider where I would be putting the fastening; as there will be the inserts at the side I will need to put it in the back.  So I cut up the centre back line (but I have to remember that there is no seam allowance) so that I can get the dress on and off the mannequin.

I then constructed the three panels in preparation of the second method of inserting the side inserts.

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