Sunday, 22 April 2012

Huntsman Dress Toile - The Next Step

On Friday I continued with my Huntsman Dress Toile.

The first thing that I did was to cut down the arm hole to the new line and then trace this new line onto my patterns.

Another amendment that I made to my patterns was to add the seam allowance to the CB seam as I had made this cut on the fold where the zip needed to be.

I then changed to a size 12 mannequin as the fit of the dress was better at the bottom, I then fitted the side seam of the dress and traced this onto my patterns.

The new line was really nice and I am really pleased with the fit of the dress.

Next I decided that instead of just facing my dress I wanted to fully line it.  So I created my facing and lining patterns.

As I had decided that I wasn't including the side pieces I felt that the dress needed something to make it more interesting and to decorate it; so I decided to create a feature on the shoulder using chains.

After experimenting and building up the chains I was able to create an effect that I was happy with so I started to join them together using jump rings.

I am really pleased with this new feature and I think that it works better than the side inserts did.

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