Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Continuing With My Orb Weaver Shirt Toile

Today I have been continuing with my Orb Weaver Shirt Toile.

The first thing that I did was finish inserting the sleeves using french seams; this was quite hard as the fabric kept getting tucks in it but after a few attempts it finally worked.

I then pinned a piece of fabric that had been folded along the bias grain to the back in order to create the cowl.

I marked the side seams and the hem in order to cut the piece down.

I then made my pattern.

I added the notches to front patterns.

I then added a support along the back to keep the front of the shirt in place.

I then constructed my collar.

And attached it to the shirt.

I constructed back support and attached it to the shirt when I attached the cowl.

I started to look at where I would attach the chains.

The next step will be to attach all the chains to the shirt and to attach the cuffs.

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