Monday, 9 April 2012

Completing My Orb Weaver Shirt Toile

Last week I continued to toile my Orb Weaver shirt.  Here is the process:

I constructed and inserted my vent and cuff to both sleeves.

When bias binding my vent I noticed that the stitching was still visible which I would have to watch out for in my final garment.

One problem that I had was that the sleeve was slightly bigger than the cuff so I had two choices take the sleeve in at the seam or insert some pleats.

I decided to insert two pleats, one either side of the vent.

I decided to try the second cuff the other way round than the first and I prefer the second one with the two lines on the outside as I feel it has a better effect.

One change that I will make for my final garment is to make sure that the second pleat lies the other way so that everything is lying the same way.

I then hemmed the garment I turned it up by 0.5cm then 1cm but then I only stitched at 0.5cm which left a really ugly over hang.

I then re-did it by turning the hem up 0.5cm then 0.6cm and sewed at 0.5cm which had a much better effect.

The next step was to add the chains.  I didn't know whether to attach the vertical chains to the horizontal chains so I sampled them both.

I decided that I preferred them just attached to the fabric.

I then attached them using jumprings.

This is this toile completed.

What do you think?

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