Thursday, 19 April 2012

Continuing with my Huntsman Dress

Today I have been continuing with my Huntsman Dress Toile.  The next step in this toile was creating and inserting the side pieces.

First I cut out the smallest of the 3 panels that I had already patterned for and constructed it.

When I pinned it to the mannequin I could tell that it wasn't going to create the shape that I wanted, as I wanted the outside edge to droop down slightly but with the shape that I created it would stick up instead.

 So after looking at images of structures such as the 'Sydney Opera House' and umbrellas I created a new pattern built up of triangular shapes.

When this piece created the shape I wanted I split it into panels and created my patterns.

I then constructed the new insert.

I inserted it into the curved panels of the side of the dress.

I cut down the seam allowance of the insert so that it was smoother on the wearer.

I then folded the seam allowance to the inside panel and top stitched to secure it.

Because of the shape of insert I could only top stitch so far so this method wasn't possible.
 I then attempted the same method but on the outside edge.  This worked and I was able to reach all the was around.

I think that the insert has worked well but I am not pleased with the effect that it has with the rest of the garment so this in part of my design that I will need to adapt.

I then tried the same method but with chiffon to see if it has a better effect.

This method worked even worse than the first method and I really not pleased with the effect that these side panels are having so I have decided that I wont include any thing on the side and just have the seam lines as a feature.

Next I needed to mark the new armhole as the original is too big and tomorrow I will mark the new line on my pattern and start to look at decoration that I might be able to include on the garment.

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