Thursday, 29 September 2011

Trend Alert 3 - Tribal Prints

Another trend that I have looked into is Tribal Prints.  I have looked on the internet at street style, the high street and designers collections to see whether this trend is coming through, and it is.  It isnt as strong as the two that I have done previously.

What do you think?

Paul Costelloe

While looking through the shows from London fashion week to seee what trends are coming through I came across a esigner who's collection I love.  The designer is Paul Costelloe.  I love the silouettes of his pieces and the coulours and fabrics he has used look amazing.  This is definately somebody that I will look at in the future for inspiration.

I would definately suggest looking at his full collection.

I have taken thes pictures from and his full collection can be found here too.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Experimenting with Draping

The third task in the pattern cutting lesson was to experiment with draping.  To make the fabric drape you need to fold it on the bias and as well as making the fabric drape it also means that the top is self faced.

This is my first experiment.

 This is my second experiment.

Experimenting with darts

The second task in our pattern cutting lesson was to experiment with darts.  After learning how to create the close fitting bodice I found that it was quite easy to experiment and feel that I would be able to create different types of bodices with more or less darts in various places.

Modeling on the stand

In our pattern cutting lesson we started to look at modeling on the stand.  This was the first time I have used this technique to construct a fitted garment.  We looked at a close fitting bodice.

First I pinned the fabric down the center front making sure that it was on the straight grain.
 Then I cut the neck line with 1cm seam allowance and notched it so that it lay flat.

 After that I inserted the shoulder dart making sure that the fabric lay flat and fitted to the bodice.

 Then I cut the shoulder seam with 1 cm seam allowance.
 After that I cut the arm hole with 1 cm seam allowance and notched it so that it fitted smoothly.

 Next I had to pin the side down making sure that it lay along the straight grain and then cut the side seam with 1cm seam allowance.
 When the side seam was done the next thing was to put i the waist dart.  I had to make sure that the fabric lay flat making the bodice fitted.
 Finally I had to cut the waist line with 1cm seam allowance.

Then its finished.  I really enjoyed using this method and feel that it has given me another option when considering constructing garments.

Trend Alert 2 - Red

The second trend that I have been looking at for the current brief is Red.  It has been seen in the catwalk shows, on the street and on the high street.

I have collected images from most of the same websites as before which again proves that this could be a trend to come.

What do you think?

Trend Alert - Polka Dots

For another task of the current brief we have to look into the trends that are coming through from the catwalks, street etc.  The first trend that I have looked at is Polka Dots.

I chose this trend because I feel that it is comming through in alot of designers collections, street style and high street pieces.  Above I have created an image of the Polka Dot trend usin images that I have sourced from various differnt places including,,,

I think that I have collected enough varied resources to prove that this is a trend of a/w 2011.

What do you think?

Marc Jacobs for Dior

As we all know there is a place open as the creative director of Christian Dior after the racist remarks of John Galliano  were shown for the world to see.

There has been rumours flying around for a while now about who would take his place and one of the most predominant names was Marc Jacobs.  Even though it is yet to be confirmed (or denied) there was hints of this move at his show at New York fashion week, with many fashion insiders whispering about the hints within Marc's collections.

With rumours that it will be anounced at the beginning of Paris fashion week I don't think it will be long before we find out.

Sustainable Artist - Yuken Teruya

While researching into the Designers, Artists and Architects that create their work in ethical ways and making it sustainable; They could do this either by using recycled materials, organic materials and materials that are sourced ethically.  

I have come across an artist who's work is made from toilet roll tubes, old carrier bags and more.  His work is intricate and delicate and personally I think that the pieces he creates are beautiful.

The more examples of his work that I find the more mesmerizing I find the intricacy and delicacy of them.

What do you think?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Designer Two - Ashton Michael Black Label

The second designer that I have looked at is Ashton Michael Black Label.  The particular collection that I am talking about the label teamed up with Rethink Fabrics to create it.

Here is a video showing the collection.

Designer One - Stella McCartney

As I told you in a previous post I am looking at sustainability.  For this I have looked at different designers, artists and architects.  The first designer I have looked at is Stella McCartney.  Her label is at the forefront of sustainable fashion and she is known for her no animal policy.

I think that making this a USP of her label has giver her label a personality which I feel would represent her as a person.

You can shop and see her pieces at

Below I have posted a video so you can see her fall 2011 collection.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Illustration of Golden Ration garment

As you may have realized by now illustration isn't exactly my strongest area but I have created an illustration of the paper garment that I created and I am actually pleased with it.

What do you think?

Golden Ratio??!!

Have you ever Heard of the Golden Ratio?  Well in college we applied this to a garment; it wasn't exactly the simplest of tasks but when I got the hang of it I enjoyed myself and feel like I finally understand the golden ration and would be able to apply it to a garment.

Here it is.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

More Samples

Here is the second set of fabric that I have received.  They aren't samples but they fit into the brief as I have bought them and saved them from going into landfill sites.  I think that this is a really good thing as it means that people who can use small amounts of fabric can get them at a cheaper price which also saves them from being thrown away.

The website is

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sustainable Fabric Samples

For the new brief the main topic is Sustainability.  One of the tasks is to research into sustainable fabrics and to collect samples.  The types of fabric I am looking for are organic, recycled and ethnically made fabrics.  I contacted a number of companies to ask for samples and on Friday my first set of samples arrived.

These samples are from I did have to pay for them but for the amount I received they were very reasonable and include a wide variety and therefore would give me a lot of choice if deciding what to use for a final garment.

Do you know any sustainable fabric companies?

Nottingham Trent University

Today me and my mum took a trip to Nottingham so I could go to the open day at Nottingham Trent University (  While there I went to a talk about their fashion design course where I got to here about the entry requirements, what they look for in the interview, the course layout and units; then we went on a tour of the fashion design areas.

I really enjoyed the day and eventhough I already had a strong like for this uni it made me sure that I want to apply their and I was able to get a feel for the area and see how beautiful the building is (as you can see above).