Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tiffany & co advert recreation.

Whilst researching into Tiffany I came across this advert, and I decided to recreate it.
This is my recreation.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tiffany & co

Whilst researching into brands for the new brief which I have previously mentioned I started to look at Tiffany & co.

Famous for their little blue box when you closely analyse their advertising you can tell that they have invested a lot of money into creating this image for themselves. An image of romance and perfection all fronted by a little blue box.

Personally I love this iconic image that represents them and if I see that certain shade of blue I automatically think of this brand.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


As I have mentioned for this new brief I have to look at brands and their advertisements. Whilst shopping at the Trafford Centre I decided that it would be a good idea to get some primary research, so I went into the Guess? shop and asked if it would be OK for me to take a few pictures; I wanted to show the layout and the pictures used around the shop. To my luck the boss of the shop was in that day and she kindly offered to put together a bag of goodies.

What she included in the bag was: leaflets and cards advertising their accessories, one type of packaging that they use, a form that they use, printouts of their marketing and features in magazines, a catalogue showing their products, examples of their carrier bags and what i think is the best part of it all an A3 size booklet showing the pictures from the advertising shoots that they have done with Ellen Von Unwerth.

It may sound a bit sad but I was so excited when I received this and it actually made my day.

Well you can only get if you ask.

Monday, 14 February 2011

One Teaspoon

After reading another blog called I came across a beautiful brand called one teaspoon. Its a Australian based brand that creates some amazing pieces.

There are two pieces that I have actually fallen in love with they are the 'lulu bodice' and the 'lulu tutu dress'

Take a look at

New Brief

After handing in the previous unit of my course last Monday morning, we launched the new brief. When I first read through the brief and tried to process the fact that we are starting from scratch, again, I was actually liking the sound of it.

During this brief we will be looking at another area of the fashion industry which is Advertising.

The first thing that I am doing is researching in to different brands and there advertising methods.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Final feature.

Finally I can add the finishing touch to my accessory. In my original design I was going to sew beads around the edge of the couching but I adapted it and decided that I would just sew a bead in the middle of the couching as it would have made the edges to heavy and they wouldn't keep there shape.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


The next part to making my accessory that I have been talking about in countless post now is the crocheting. I added chains of crocheting shaped like a chosen shape from my observational drawings to the outside side of my shoe.
Very nearly there now.

Zip pulls.

The next step of my accessory is to create the, I suppose you could say 'Mohawk' style, pattern with my zip pulls. I decided to use zips with descending shades of brown going down the back.

My final compulsory zip.

Now I can cover the final exposed part of my shoe, the heel. I used my final compulsory zip and covered the heel by wrapping it around. I really like this part of the design and think that it has a very beautiful effect.
Its definitely coming together now.

The bottom.

Finally I can tidy up the bottom of my shoe. I ripped the bottom off the other shoe (which is looking like and experimental mess by now) and traced around it to get a cardboard piece that I can cover in fabric just like on the inside. Then I couched the zip teeth onto the bottom.

One of my necessary zips.

Carrying on with my accessory from my previous posts I can now add the second of my compulsory zips (the other was one on the inside). But this time I think that they have a slightly higher impact than the other one.
On my original design the zip was straight around the edge but turned out to be a slight problem, as I couldn't lay it flat so I decided to twist it.

Maybe this was serendipity, well I think it looks better anyway.

Finishing the inside.

Finally I can add the final piece of the inside, which was the first thing that I did.

Covering the inside sides.

The next step in creating the accessory was to cover the sides on the inside. I decided that I would use zips to cover these as it stays in with the theme and tidies up the edges.
Its starting to come together.


Continuing with my accessory from my previous post, I decide that the best thing to do is cover the rest of the shoe in my fabric.
Yeah, I know what your thinking, it looks a mess. Just remember its not finished yet.

Where to start?

Right, I have got my design, I have got my shoes and I have got my techniques; so where do I start?

I put my £2 pair of heels from Matalan on the table in front of me, and I decide; I will start from the inside, so I rip the insole out of the spare shoe and cut a piece of fabric that is big enough to cover it and hook round the side. Then I appliqué my design onto the fabric and glue it to the insole making sure it is the correct way as it is going into the opposite shoe.

This is the result.

Chosen Design

Well as you may have read in previous posts I am designing an accessory.

This is my chosen design, I have taken the shapes from my observational drawings and I designed this after many developments.