Saturday, 4 June 2011

Origami Bodice Front.

This is another piece of independent work that I have completed for the pattern cutting brief at college.  It is just the front bodice which I have added a concertina origami effect into.  This has to be the hardest independent task that I have attempted but I am glad that I was able to do it as it helps me with problem solving and shows me a new way to approach garment construction.

The first thing that I did was create a front bodice pattern in size 10 and cut it out in a basic white cotton.
 Then I inserted the darts and placed it on the mannequin.
 When I had done this I added the design lines to it.
 I then made the lines bolder and cut the bodice into 4 sections along the diagonal lines.  When I had done this  I created new patterns which had 6cm sections inserted between all the lines on the 4 separate pattern pieces.
 When I had done this I cut them out of a fabric that would hold its shape and sewed the 4 sections together.
 Then I folded the bodice so that the 6cm's that I had inserted was now standing up away from the bodice.
 The next step was to cut along the corners of the raised squares as we had made a mistake when cutting out the patterns and iron each side of the squares flat.
As we had cut down the corners there were small holes left when the sections separated so I have to hand tack these together and ten overlock the edges and this experiment will be finished.

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