Sunday, 26 June 2011

Its Friday ..

 So on Friday I turned up at the Lifestyle Centre slightly more prepared than on Thursday as I had experienced it the night before.  But before the show there was still a few things that needed to be done, we needed to iron the table cloths, set out the mannequins to hold the table numbers, polish the glasses, lay out the napkins, put out the food and wine and much more.  When all the jobs were done this is what the room and the tables looked like.

 Now for the show.

National diploma Year 1

My dress


National Diploma Year 2

Emily Davies

 Menolly Rushton

 Charlie Hartley

 Tabbi Neville

 Abi Bickerton

 Reigen Brown

 Rosie Astbury

 Allie Slack

 Grace Lartey

 Mandy Tudor

Foundation Degree Year 1

Tea Time

 Bohemian Drifter


Foundation Degree Year 2

Sehrish Sarwar

 Lisa Murphy

 Rachel Ward

 Laura Hunt

 Rosie Blay

 Jordan Rees

 Andrea White

 Claire Playford

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