Thursday, 2 June 2011

Attaching the Facing

So I've got quite far with my dress now and can finally see the end in sight.  The next step is to attach the facing.  So I went to my draw as I had already cut out my facing piece but it wasn't as simple as just attaching it because when I looked at my panel I realized that I hadn't cut it on the fold so I went back to my fabric to cut another but I then realized that I didn't have enough to cut it on the fold so I had to add seam allowance to my pattern and cut out two separate pieces that will be sewn together.

 When I had solved the problems that I had with the facing I was able to attach it.  But I could only attach it at the front as I needed to remember that I have to fit my dress to the model and insert my straps once they had been put the the right height for the models shoulders.

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