Sunday, 25 March 2012

Toileing My Funnelweb Skirt

On Friday I started to construct my toile for my Funnelweb Skirt.

I inserted the darts.
 Sewed up the side seams.
 I constructed the bottom panel using interfacing on half of it to decide which effect I like the best.

Then I sewed part way up the centre back seam; leaving the gap for the zip.

I preferred the effect that the interfacing had on the hem of the skirt so this is the method that I will use in my final garment.

Here I sampled different ways that I could attach the ribbon that will attach the chain onto the skirt.

This is the way that I will be attaching the ribbon to my skirt because I prefer the way that the ribbon lies and I believe that it looks neater.

I will also attach jump rings to the ribbon which will make it easier the attach the chain.

I then marked off where I want to attach the chain.

I then made up my waistband.

I attached ribbon at the points where I want to attach the chain.  I ended up attaching the ribbon to the skirt rather than the waistband as it is easier overall.

The next step is to insert the zip.

I am really pleased with the shape of the skirt and feel that it is very flattering to the figure.

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  1. Lookin good, lady! Keep up the good work!