Monday, 19 March 2012

Constructing My Black Widow Coat Lining

Today I have been continuing with my Black Widow Coat.  The next step was to construct the lining.

I constructed the lining like I would any other garment.
 Inserted the darts.

Sewed up the side seams.

 Inserted the CF facings
 As the lining has to allow for movement I added 2cm ease at the CB fold.  So that the back piece would fit at the neck line I inserted a pleat.

 I sewed the shoulder seams.

 I inserted the sleeves.

 One problem that I had was that I didn't add seam allowance to the front lining piece.  So that I could continue with the toile I added a small panel to compensate for this and I will adapt my pattern pieces.

 I attached the bottom facing.  I am now considering making the bottom panel on the fold so that there is no seam along the bottom edge.

I am really please with the lining so far and feel that it finishes the garment well.

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  1. this looks brilliant! look forward to seeing the finished garment :)