Thursday, 22 March 2012

Finishing My Black Widow Coat Toile...Finally

In my previous posts I have shown you the process that I have been through to create my Black Widow Coat toile.  Well now I can finally show you the final stages and the finished toile.

After attaching the underneath side of the collar (previous post) I had to close up the front edges and attach the top layer of the collar to the underneath.

When closing this edge up on my final garment I will sandwich the zip in between the two layers.

I then turned the coat the correct way round and pressed all the new edges.

The final edge that I need to close is the neckline.

I pinned the collar to the the main coat making sure that the rough edges are tucked away.

I had a few problems with the corners but after a few attempts at pinning them I managed to get them right.

The top stitching created a really weird line on the underneath side of the collar.

But the top stitching on the inside looked really nice.

So I unpicked it and tried again with more success.

Another problem that I had was that some of the rough edge came out at one corner, this is something that I will watch out for on my final garment.

Here is my finished coat toile.

  I then amended my patterns for the bottom panel to make them cut on the fold as I believe that it will create a neater edge.

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  1. i really love watching your process, you are so thorough it inspires me :)