Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Starting my Orb Weaver Shirt in Final Fabric

Today I started to manufacture my Orb Weaver Shirt.  I had already cut out my pattern pieces so I was able to just focus on constructing the garment.

First I used a domestic overlocker to finish the edge of the facing of the cowl as I creates a really nice rolled hem which I believe will be a good finish to the edge.

Then I started to construct the back shoulder pieces which I had a few problems with as the machine pulled parts of the fabric and I didn't quite get the seam allowance correct which meant that the loops for the chain weren't correct.

To correct this I swapped machines and I was more careful with my seam allowance.  This allowed me to get a neater and more accurate finish.

Then I constructed the back support which I had no problems with.

Next I realized that I would have to adapt the pattern for the front of my shirt as I am making a feature of the button stand so the wrong side of my fabric would be showing.  I adapted it by separating the button stand.

I then started to construct the front.  One problem I had was that I attached the button stand on the worng way but this was easily fixed by unpicking as starting again.

I am really pleased with the look of the button stands and I am glad that I decided to adapt my patterns instead of just removing the feature.

Finally I started to insert the bias binding along the vent of the sleeve.  I experienced a few problems as the underneath of binding didn't catch in with the stiching but I was able to fix this after a few attempts.

I am really pleased so far and hope that the rest of the manufacturing goes well.

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