Thursday, 17 May 2012

Continuing with my Orb Weaver Shirt

Today I have been continuing with my Orb Weaver Shirt.  I am starting to get used to this fabric which is making it slightly easier to work with.

I started by inserting my button holes and attaching my buttons to the front of the shirt.

Then I inserted the french seams on the shoulder and side seams.

Then I closed my sleeves.

I then inserted my sleeves into the shirt which I was concerned about as this is one are that I had a few problems with when toiling but thankfully it went well and I was able to do this easier than in my toile.

I am pleased with the shirt so far and feel that the cowl has worked well in this fabric as it drapes better than the toiling fabric.

Finally I started to construct the collar which I will complete tomorrow hopefully.

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