Monday, 21 May 2012

10 Days To Go...

With 10 days to go until all my final garments need to be complete I have been finishing off someof some of the bits that I still need to do.

First I used the domestic overlocker to overlock the edges of the Funnelweb vest as the material frays very easily so this is the best option before I insert the bias binding.

Then I attached the chains to the funnelweb skirt.

Then I was able to re create the Orb Weaver shirt collar using light weight interfacing.  I am pleased with the result that this thinner interfacing has created and I am glad that I decided to use this instead of the medium weight.

After I had constructed the collar I attached it to the shirt but one problem I had was that the shirt was twisted before I attached it which meant that the garment wouldn't lie correctly.  To fix this I unpicked it and re-attached it correctly.

Finally I constructed the cuff and attached them.  I had no problems with this part of my garment.

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