Thursday, 10 May 2012

Manufacturing my Huntsman Dress

After spending Wednesday cutting out my pattern pieces for y Huntsman dress and overlocking them all I was able to spend today manufacturing.

I started to construct the dress by first putting the front together.

Then I inserted the invisible zip into the back which is where I had my first problem as I twisted the zip so I was unable to do it up after both sides were attached.  To fix this I unpicked it and attached it again.  IK then finished the back.

Next I created the side pieces keeping the fronts and the backs separate.

I then inserted them into the front and the back to create two full pieces

I then inserted the side seams.

And the shoulder seams.

I am really pleased with the silhouette of the dress and I feel that it really flatters the figure.

Next I attached the loops of ribbon that the chain will attach to, to the facing.  I had a few problems with this as I attached them to the wrong side of the dress.

Next I attached the facings to the linings.

Then I was able to insert the side seams

I am really pleased that I have been able to complete this garment today as much as I can before fittings week and I will be able to focus on another garment tomorrow.

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