Saturday, 11 December 2010


For the new brief that me and my class are currently studying on my fashion course we have to create our own theme and concept through research. I started by researching into French Furniture, I chose to research into this because it is something that really appeals to me as I love the mixture of simpleness with the intricate detailing that goes into it.
From looking at French Furniture in general I started to look at the shapes that go into each piece. I then looked at the busyness of the overall shape. I decided that I wanted to include a contrast after I saw a picture of a French style sofa where the frame was intricately detailed like the French style and the seat was leopard print. So I have decided that on my designs I want to mix the French Furniture style with animal print.
To strengthen my concept I am basing my skirt designs on a story. This story is about my course and the people on it; how everybody is so different but as a group how we all seem to get along and how I personally feel that my personality doesn't really fit in with anybody but as a group we work. I want the idea of my design to be like one of those ideas that sounds so absurd and shouldn't work but it does.

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