Monday, 18 July 2011

A trip to London

A few weeks ago I went on a trip to London with college.  While we were here we went to the new designers exhibition and then visited Soho to look around the fabric shops and collect samples.

The new designers exhibition was showing the best from different universities all around the country and being able to see all of this work in one place really put into perspective the individuality of each student and piece of work that is created.

When we had finished at the exhibition we went to Soho and started to collect samples from the fabric shops, I found this experience really useful and it has made me more likely to visit again .

Have you visited the fabric shops in Soho?


  1. These are pretty fabrics. Never been to a fabric shop in Soho but would love to.

  2. I'm in Soho every week for lunch and frozen yoghurt. ;) X