Friday, 1 April 2011

The Past is in the.... Present

Well its no secret that in the fashion world influences are taken from the past and they are developed to create the fashion that is popular today. But recently it has been revealed that the popular high street brand have relaunched their past by releasing a Chelsea Girl range that is full of vintage pieces and Wallis have looked back through their achieves and have re-released a dress from the past.

River Island was previously run under the name of Chelsea Girl and when the company changed Chelsea Girl was never looked back at, until now that is. The range that they have released is full of vintage inspired pieces still in with the brand identity of the original Chelsea Girl, and personally I think that these pieces are amazing and the way that the company has brought them back is definitely unique.

Wallis is another brand that has recently been looking back into its past for inspiration. With the re-launch of one of their dress from the past which they delved into their archives to find.

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