Monday, 15 August 2011

Experimental dress

I decided that I would set myself the challenge of making a dress on the stand without using patterns.  I decided to do this because I haven't used this way of manufacture before and wanted to see how I would do.

I made a dress out of only elastic and chiffon.  I am quite please with the result and feel that the dress looks elegant and quite good quality as it was my first time working this way.  What I had completed the dress I found that the fabric has a stain across the middle which must have been why the fabric was so cheap.  I also found that the structure of the dress wasn't correct as the sides are too high therefore it isn't wearable.

 I wove the elastic to create a different texture and surface on the back.  Also this was a way to make the elastic into a panel that could be used as a piece of fabric.

What do you think?

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