Friday, 26 August 2011

Sudley House

While in Liverpool we also visited Sudley House.  To add to the fact that we got lost on our way around Liverpool in the first place we also got lost on our way to Sudley House, luckly we managed to turn up at the correct place and we also saw Craig Vye on the way so I think its fair to say the 'detour' wasn't such a bad thing.

I found this place really interesting as I was able to see the house how it would have been when George Holt lived there aswell as the Costume drama exhibition that is currently there.  

Here are the pictures I took.


  1. the atmosphere in the first photo is incredible. i want to visit

  2. Beautiful images....I love that white dress with the purple waistband. I'd wear it to a party. ;)

    Stay Beautiful,