Monday, 22 August 2011

Quarry Bank Mill

Today me, my mum and my nanna took a trip to the Quarry Bank Mill to take a look around the mill, apprentice house and gardens.  I thought that it was a great way to step back in time and see how people made cotton and other fabrics in the past and how inventors managed to adapt and create machines that were quicker and more efficient.

Photography wasn't aloud throughout parts of the site but here are some of the pictures that I took throughout the day.

The mill

 Gardens near the Apprentice House

 Inside the mill

 Gardens surrounding the mill


  1. hi Kathryn!how are you/?it's been a long time since we ve communicated..
    i love these photos ,so beautiful!!!

    kisses <3


  2. Hi, Im good thanks you?

    and thank you!!!

    Kathryn xx