Thursday, 10 November 2011

Danny Roberts

So now that the first brief of the year has finished we have started a new one.  This one is illustration, anyone has has read my previous illustration posts will know that I'm not the biggest fan of illustration, but to my surprise is enjoying it so far.  

The first contemporary illustrator that I have looked at is Danny Roberts.

Throughout his work Danny Roberts has used various media including pen, watercolour, and photoshop.  I feel that his work can depict different moods feelings but the one that I feel runs through his work is Elegance this has been created through the poses and the media that he uses.  Personally my favourite element of his pieces is the way that he is able to recreate on image, magazine cover or photograph in a way that still has his own style and elegance included.   If I were the take any element of his work through to my own I would use the way he recreates an image and experiment with this on backgrounds and poses when creating my own work.  I feel that his work fits in with the high end of high street market.

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