Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Finishing my Toile

As most of you most probably know by now I am making my toile for my pair of trousers.  My toile was nearly finished and in last weeks lesson I finished it; this is how I got there...

The next step was to create my waistband.

I created the pattern in the same way that I created my cuff (but with the waist measurements)

I then also constructed it using the same method as the cuff.

 And attached it in the same way too.

When the waistband was finished I took a look at the cuff and decided that I didn't like the way that the outer fabric hung over it so I decided that when I adapt my patterns I will taper it in to the ankle

Here is my finished toile.

The changes I will be making to my final trousers are...

I will be taking the outer layer into the inside leg seam.

I will be tapering the ankle in.

What do you think?

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