Monday, 18 June 2012

Finishing Touches

Over the past few days I have been spending my time trying to finish of my garments ready for the fashion show which is this week.

First I finished the vest to go under my Black Widow Coat by hemming the bottom and bias binding the edges.

Then I took the Funnelweb skirt in and made the amendments that I needed to make after my fitting.

I then tried to solve the problem that I had with the bottom of my Tarantula dress.  I unpicked in and I feel that it has been inserted a lot better now.

I then started to put my coat together.  I attached the under side of the collar to the back, then I inserted the sleeves and the bottom of the lining into the coat.

Next I inserted the zip which I had a few problems with as I inserted it the wrong way around the first time.

Next I closed the final part of of my coat which I had a few problems with as it was too thick to go under the machine so I ended up hand stitching it.

This is my coat finished.  I am pleased with the result and I feel that it looks effective.

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