Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tarantula Dress

You may have seen in my previous post that I am doing an extra dress for the fashion show as I finished early.  Well here is the next steps..

I looked at the chiffon panel and noticed that it looked baggy and untidy.  I then noticed that I had added seam allowance to the fold line of my pattern; so I amended this and re-cut the piece.

I then inserted the new piece.  As you can see below it still looked untidy above the bust.  So with help from my tutor we finally got it right.

I was then able to create the cowl for the back of my dress using the method 'Modeling on the Stand'.  When I was pleased with the drape I was able to mark the piece and create a pattern from it.

I then attached it to the rest of the dress using french seams where necessary.

I am really pleased with the cowl and I feel that this helps to link the dress to my Orb Weaver Shirt.

Next I top stitched around the two chiffon pieces so that the seam allowance would not be seen through the chiffon.

I inserted my invisible zip, which I had a slight problem with as the teeth weren't inserted into the zipper foot properly when I sewed it so I unpicked it and did it again correctly.

As the arm holes were over hanging slightly I marked the new edge and I used the domestic overlocker which is set up to do a rolled hem to finish the neck line and the arm holes.

I am really pleased with this dress and I am looking forward to seeing it complete after fittings week.

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