Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fittings Week Day 4

Today has been the 4th day of fittings week and I was able to have my last two fittings.  

Before my first fitting of the day I was able to carry on inserting the lining into my Huntsman dress.  I attached the lining at the armholes, then I inserted it into the zip and finally I hemmed both the lining and the shell.  I was then able to attach the chain shoulder piece to the loops of ribbon along the neckline.  I am really pleased with the garment and I feel that I have been able to finish it to a high standard.

 I then had my first fitting where I was able to fit my Funnelweb Outfit.  I will have to take the skirt in quite a lot but the top fitted exactly how I wanted it too.

After that I was able to fit my Black Widow Coat to my model.  I am really pleased as it fits well so I just need to finish it.

After my fittings I was able to finish my shorts.  I decided to change the waist as the elastic that I used for my toile and planned to use for my final garments didn't have a very nice effect so after some advice I decided to finish the edge with a folded piece of the lycra.  I am pleased with this effect.

On the second pair to go with my black widow coat I decided to keep the waist the same length as with the seam allowance as they fitted nicely the height that they were on the model.

I then started to finish the edge of the Black Widow Vest using black satin bias binding.

I am really pleased that I was able to finish all of my fittings as I now have tomorrow and Monday to finish all of my garments.

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