Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fittings Week Day 3

Today I have spent the day trying to finish the garments that I have fitted.

First I bias bound the edge of the last piece of chiffon and I pinned them together on the bottom of the dress.

 I then noticed that hey weren't lying at the right length all the way around which I believe is due to the fact that the fabric will be on the bias a certain parts of the piece so the will distort.  To solve this I went round and pulled the pieces of fabric into place so the all they in order.

I then had my third fitting of the week where I am very pleased to say that my dress fitted perfectly, so I will just have to insert the lining, hem the garment and attach the chain shoulder piece.

I then attached the bottom piece and inserted a retaining row but after I did this I noticed some tucks in the top layer which I will have to unpick to get rid of.

I then stared to insert the lining into my Huntsman Dress.

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