Thursday, 3 March 2011

Customer Profile

For our current brief we have been given a product, that I told you about previously, to either create an advert or packaging for. Before I do this I need to create a customer profile so I know who I am aiming it at.

My Customer Profile is:
  • Female.
  • Aged 20-25.
  • To work she wears sophisticated, classy clothes.
  • In her everyday life she dresses very fashionably with her own individual twist.
  • To go out she wears clothes that show off her figure well but stay classy.
  • Overall her look is elegant.
  • She has a successful job in the business industry.
  • She socialises in restaurants and bars with her friends and close family members.
  • She doesn't have children yet but plans to have them in the close future.
  • She lives in a busy city in England but she travels sometimes with her job.
  • She lives in an apartment.
  • Her music tastes tend to follow the charts and she doesn't just follow one type of music.
  • She eats well and very rarely has takeaways. She looks after her body keeping herself healthy.
  • She mainly drinks coffee or water, and sometimes drinks wine with a meal or on a night out.
  • She drives a practical convertible such as a BMW or an Audi.
  • When she rewards herself with a holiday she will go on a beach holiday to somewhere hot such as the Bahamas or Dubai.
  • She is in a committed relationship but is not yet married.
  • She hasn't got much time outside of work but enjoys visiting the gym and watching movies.

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