Sunday, 13 March 2011

Photo shoot.

I have decided to create and advert for my outcome. I decided this over packaging because I have been inspired by the adverts of other brands that I have been researching. To get the picture that I wanted to use on my advert I asked a friend if she would model for me and thankfully she agreed.

In my kitchen I hung white fabric from the cupboards and covered the floor with it to create a plain background. I wanted a plain background so that the image would focus on the stockings and look simple and elegant.

Then I positioned her how I had designed and took the pictures.

This was the picture that I chose to use. I chose this one because it was the write angle and shows the stockings well.
After I had decided on the picture I wanted to use I started to put the advert together. After editing the picture and adding the writing in the font that I had chosen to represent the brand this is what I had made.

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