Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Evaluation of the Brief

For this brief I have been asked to research into brand identities that would help to influence my final outcome, either packaging or an accessory. When I first read the brief I was excited as this is a vital part of the industry but excited to see what I would be able to create.

The first task that I was asked to do was research into a number of brands and their identities. I looked at; Guess, Celine, Tiffany and Co, Pandora, Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, Mars, Highland Spring, Casio and HP. Out of all these brands the ones that have inspired me the most were Marc Jacobs and Celine. Marc Jacobs inspired me with his youthful, simple advert designs and the elegance of the Celine brand inspired me. The brands that inspired me the least were Casio and HP. Casio didn’t inspire me because I thought that the brand didn’t really have anything special and the HP advert was too busy for me. The Tiffany and Pandora brands have some similar properties such as the use of colour association. Whereas the Marc Jacobs brand isn’t just associated with one colour.

Next we were asked to create a 250 word written piece comparing and contrasting two brand identities. I chose Guess and Juicy Couture. I chose these two brands as I feel that even though they appear to be different there are some similarities such as how both brands use the idea of creating a sexy image to sell their products.

Then we were asked to experiment with different techniques and media to achieve different messages. I did this by recreating the brand adverts to appeal to different audiences using the appropriate media to do this. From doing this I learned how to communicate certain messages through the media that I used and through how the adverts layout. This task particularly helped me with the final outcome by becoming more aware of how to convey a message through the advert.

Next we had to decide whether we were going to make packaging or an advert; I decided on an advert as I feel that I have learned the most about this and I was inspired by the adverts by Celine and Marc Jacobs. Once we had decided we had to design four adverts showing development. I feel that my designs show clear development and show my train of thought and my target customer. I am pleased with the designs and feel that I have been able to convey my idea well through these.

After I had designed my advert I created it, I did this by firstly doing a photo shoot to get my picture then I edited this on the computer so that it fitted my design and appealed to my target audience.

Finally we had to pitch our advert or packaging to the group; beforehand I felt quite nervous about how we were going to have to present it, but when I was there I felt prepared and ready to pitch it. I feel as though it went well and I had completed my work in enough depth that I could explain it properly. Having this before the deadline helped me with my time management as I have a couple of days to finish of any little bits that I have left to do.

During this unit I feel that I have progressed in the advertising area of the fashion industry, also I feel that I have improved my analysis skills this is because I am able to critically analyse the messages that brands are portraying. The thing that I have improved the most during this brief is my editing skills but I still feel that these can be improved.

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