Monday, 9 May 2011

Adding the Straps to my Toile

In college today I have been continuing with the toile that I have been telling you about in previous posts.  This time I have added my straps running through the section at the front and running down the back.  I sampled different ways of arranging the straps starting of with four and adding four more so that I could weave and find different ways to present them.

The first step was to create the neck section that the straps will run through,

Then once I had done this I could start creating my straps,

 When the straps were created I could insert them through the section I had created at the front.
These are some of the samples that I experimented with,

These are what I created with the original four straps,

 Then I I decided to double the amount of straps to give m more to work with,

This the one that I have chosen to use.

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