Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Continuing with my Pin-Tucks on my Final Garment

After overcoming the problem with the pin-tucks that I told you about in my previous post I could continue to pin-tuck the rest of the panel.  I carried on inserting the pin-tucks until I came across another problem the panel didn't fit!

 When I realized that It wasn't fitting at the bottom I decided to start to insert the pin-tucks from the top, it still wouldn't fit.  I knew that it must have been to do with the size and angle that I had inserted each pin-tuck in so I needed to solve this.

 To solve the problem I spoke with two of the fashion tutors at the college and we decided that it should solve the problem if I notched the side of the fabric at the fold lines to work as guidance when folding the fabric.

Thankfully this worked and my pin-tucks were fitting to the panel underneath.   As you can see below the pin-tucks fit nicely to the curves of the body which is how I wanted them to be.

Now I need to finish of inserting the pin-tucks and start the other side.

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  1. wow that looks amazing! glad you found away to fix it :)